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Fuel Belt

Hydration Systems


The most widely used hydration belt in the world. Exceptional comfort, perfect balance and no bounce! The Endurance 4 bottle delivers on every level. Unique in design, outstanding in comfort and made of the highest quality materials. The Endurance is a great way to carry 28 ounces. Featured in Runner's World Magazine.

$33.99 Endurance belt with pocket, Four-7oz flasks

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The first of its kind- our angled double bottle carrier with a gel flask with a unique Velcro-closure! A sensible way to carry your drinks and gel while minimizing bottle bounce. No more buckles means a comfortable fit every time.

29.9920-ounce water bottle, pocket and 6 ounce gel flasks included. (One size fits all)


Reflective Race Number Belt

The first reflective Race Number Belt on the market! We turned this into a multi-purpose piece of gear which will come in handy during early morning or late evening training. Use it to make yourself visible in darker conditions and to attach race numbers to your body during competitions.

$9.99 Reflective Race Belt (One size fits all)

Medium Pocket

ade of neoprene for comfort and flexibility and has Velcro closure for quick access Rectangular in design. Ideal for energy bars, gels, cell phones and inhalers. Attaches easily to all belt designs - using a belt loop.

$7.99 Medium Pocket

Fuel Belt Nutrition Box
Bike Nutrition Box.

Single Zippered opening for easy access. Velcro rail and post straps for secure attachment.

Medium FuelBox
Dimensions: 3 x 5 x 1 inches
Large FuelBox
Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 1 inches

Bike Gel Flask Holder

Straps to the frame of your bike with Velcro. $13.99


Super Flasks hold 7 ounces and are sold as a 4-pack. Each side has non-skid grip ridges marked 1 through 7 ounces which makes calculating your calorie needs a snap. The flasks are made of a soft plastic which is perfect for gels too!

3.99 Single 7oz flask

11.99 Four pack 7oz flasks


Brand new! These are bigger than the traditional 7oz flasks we've been offering with our Fuel Belts. Customers kept asking for something bigger, and here it is. It works the same as the 7oz bottles and even uses the same soft rubber push/pull caps

8.99 Two Pack 10 oz flasks

Water Bottle
22 oz $3.99

Fuel Belt Race Hat

White running hat is lightweight and fully adjustable. Mesh sides offer great ventilation for those warmer days. One size fits all

12.99 Race Hat